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Built to handle the toughest construction jobs, this small and versatile machine uses disc brakes to stop the vehicle instantly when the throttle is released allowing the operator the ability to move material safely and quickly up or down a 30-degree incline on or off road. This powerful unit can haul 4 times the capacity of a standard wheelbarrow, equivalent to a load size of 11 cu ft and a weight capacity of 1200 lbs in its durable non-stick, UV stabilized .300 gauge Polyethylene tub.

Powering this diversified motorized hauler is the super light, time tested 6.5 hp US820 engine, built by United States Motor Power Inc. This incredibly tough and durable 2-stroke engine has reined supreme for almost half a century powering industrial equipment including pumps, tampers, saws, earth drills and even used in mini bikes. In fact…the US820 was the first engine ever to be used in Go-Karting! We offer cheap Viagra for sale and 50 mg Viagra best price.

The Joe Built HD-500 is portable, affordable, durable, fast, efficient, safe, light weight, easy to operate and maintain, and will reduce your labor costs and work-related injuries. Rental centers will recoup their investments in no time. These days, with operating prices going higher, you can’t afford not to own a Joe Built HD-500 Powered Wheelbarrow.